Yoga Teacher Training London - 200 Hour Diploma


The MahalaYoga Independent Yoga Teacher Training School, London 

Established in 2012.


MahalaYoga Teacher Training Diploma Includes

  • Vinyasa Flow sequencing
  • 200 hours Instruction & Practice Time
  • Deconstruction of Asanas & understanding them while refining & building your skills & abilities
  • Yogic Breathing Techniques
  • Meditation: Including Relaxation & Yoga Nidra
  • Guided Chakra Healing Meditation
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Yoga Philosophy, the history of Yoga
  • Assisting in Weekly Yoga Classes

On-Line Course 

200-Hour Standards  

Standards Guidelines.

MahalaYoga Independent Yoga School (MYIYS.)

MYIYS Offers a consistent approach that is conducive to depth, rather than a survey of different approaches.

These Standards describe MahalaYoga Independent Yoga School (MYIYS) requirements for a Registered Yoga School that offers a 200-hour training. 

Topics for a MYIYS teacher training is relevant to Six Educational Categories as defined below. 

We provide a minimum number of hours of study in each educational category, to make up the total 200 required hours.

1, Techniques, Training and Practice: 110 Contact Hours: 100 Minimum with lead Trainer(s.)

Takes place over 5 weekends throughout the year in Glastonbury and London, dates given on application.

Topics include: 

Asanas, Pranayamas, Kriyas, Chanting, Mantra, Meditation and other traditional yoga techniques. 

These hours are mix between: 

1) Training in how to teach and practice the techniques.

2) Guided practice of the techniques themselves. 

2, Teaching Methodology: 25 Contact Hours: 15 hours Minimum with lead Trainer(s.) 

Assisting in Clapham classes for those London based, Non-London based will observe in a local class, in both cases there will be a sign off sheet to be completed after each class has been attended with a signature from the instructor.

Topics in this category include: Communication skills such as group dynamics, time management, and the establishment of priorities and boundaries.

How to address the specific needs of individuals and special populations, to the degree possible in a group setting. 

Principles of demonstration, observation, assisting and correcting.

Teaching styles, qualities of a teacher.

The student learning process. 

Business aspects of teaching yoga (including marketing and legal.)

3, Anatomy and Physiology: 20 Contact Hours: 10 hours Minimum with Lead Trainer(s.) 

Topics in this category include: Human physical Anatomy and Physiology (Bodily systems, Organs, etc.)

Also to include Energy Anatomy and Physiology (Chakras, Nadis, etc.) 

Includes both the study of Anatomy and Physiology along with its application to yoga practice (benefits, contraindications, healthy movement patterns, etc.)

Takes place over 2 weekend in London, dates given on application. Those who cannot make it in person can join via Facetime, this has to have been agreed prior with a senior trainer.

4, Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers: 40 Hours: 30 hours Minimum: 

Topics in this category include: 

The study of Yoga Philosophies and traditional texts (such as the Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika or Bhagavad Gita) Yoga lifestyle, such as the precept of non-violence (Ahimsa), and the concepts of Dharma and Karma.

Ethics for yoga teachers, such as those involving teacher – student relationships and community.

Understanding the value of teaching yoga as a service and being of service to others (seva), with the opportunity to assist at the Amma International program, dates can be given on application.

To achieve this you will work through the course manual on-line, sending over for marking The Key Points for Self Study at the end of each chapter.

5, Practicum: 10 Contact Hours: 5 hours Minimum.

Topics in this category include: Practice teaching as the lead instructor. Receiving and giving feedback. Observing others teaching. Assisting students while someone else is teaching. 

Special Requirement: Each trainee must spend a minimum of 5 Contact Hours actively practice teaching as the lead instructor. 

Time spent assisting, observing others teaching, or giving feedback to others is excluded from these hours.

This can be done with a group of friends or one to one with a case study, to fill out after each session a feed back form to then be emailed over to your lead Instructor.

6, Assisting 20 Hours.


Course Fees

  • Easy payment plans available

Fee Payment Options

  • Pay a Deposit that suits your budget

Meet The Faculty...

Mahala Wall - Course Founder and Yoga Teacher Trainer

With well over 10 years yoga experience, gained traveling the world and training with some of the industry's top teachers and learning the ancient philosophy of yoga, her passion is to make the time-tested science of Yoga as readily available today as it was over 5000 years ago

Mahala has put together an extremely in-depth teacher-training course, that gives you a clear and complete understanding of yogic teaching traditions and principles

Leo Sharmer - Anatomy and Philosophy

Leo discovered yoga exploring India in 1994, and began teaching in 2001. He is a practicing therapist and uses Osteopathy, Corrective Yoga, Clinical Pilates, Laser Therapy & Ayurveda to create holistic treatments suited to the individual.

Leo brings his extensive yoga and clinical knowledge to the course in his intensive two day anatomy and physiology module. You’ll learn how the joints, muscles and bones are moved, strengthened and stretched in the key yoga poses, as well as how these asanas affect the hormones and endocrine system.

Despite his clinical background the course is taught in an easy-to-understand, down-to-earth way, using the everyday language that you’ll use with your students. Every pose is demonstrated live to bring the theory to life, highlighting modifications to allow for injuries and different body shapes and levels of strength and fitness.

You’ll finish the module with a good working knowledge of the body, enabling you to teach safely and with greater confidence.

Leo is a clinical therapist using osteopathy, corrective yoga, pilates, laser therapy and Ayurveda in his practice.

Bikram Yoga Wimbledon



Testimonials -

Teacher training with Mahala allowed me to uncover my best self and aligned me with my higher purpose. She meets students where they are and with gentle encouragement, helps them each forge their own path. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor’  

Michelle MS

I trained to teach yoga with Mahala back in 2015. The course was informative, interactive and a truly positive, enriching experience. Mahala's knowledge and enthusiasm is wonderful.

Each time Mahala guided me I gained more confidence, assured that I could become a great yoga teacher.

Mahala is an expert practitioner and a gifted yoga teacher.

The support during and after the course from the fellow students has also been amazing.

In the early days during yoga classes with Mahala it was her intuitive teachings that sparked my passion for yoga and she stays ever present in my practice and often turns up at the studio.

Katie Moncaster

Yoga teacher, Effingham, Surrey.

Mahala yoga training. 24th September.

I started my yoga teaching journey with Mahala's 200hr course, three years ago.

One of the modules that we covered was the eight limbs of yoga, the way that Mahala delivered this made it very easy for me to understand.

I really enjoyed training with Mahala in a very relaxed traditional wa, enabling me to find my own style of teaching. 

Mahala has continued to support and inspire me after my training, this has helped me to build up my own yoga classes in the Bromley area, also I take yoga retreats to other countries, along with workshops

I have made lots of new friends through my yoga teaching, which has greatly enriched my life. I benefited training in a small group, would highly recommend.

Tracey Dunne

Mahalayoga Teacher Training Testimonial -

I first heard about Mahala's teacher training through my flatmate who, at that time, had recently started her 200hr training.

Over the following weeks I watched this woman that I was living with blossom, from a place of stress and exhaustion to a limitless space of freedom and gratitude.

A few years - and a 200hr teacher training in Ashtanga - later, I took to Mahala's classes in Clapham where I enjoyed a gentler and freer approach to practice than the one in which I had been trained.

I also found myself deeply moved in these classes and so was motivated to ask Mahala if she would be prepared to share a slightly longer and more wide ranging 300hrs of teacher training with me.

I am now at the end of this, and find my eyes wide open to the limitlessness of yoga and of life - there is space for everything in our sessions, and in this brilliant way, Mahala reminds us how yoga filters its way into every aspect of existence and consciousness.

She encouraged me to draw, not only on my yoga experience, but on elements of the training that I had done as a boxer and rower to create my own yoga to share, freeing me from the dogma of yoga methodologies.

Mahala avoids any sense of hierarchy, and through this her sessions encourage creativity and become an exchange from which a shared sense of gratitude emerges, which is touching and beautiful.

Critically, she really cares about her students and always checks in with us.

It is such a loving and fun environment in which to train. Thank you Mahala!

Ronald Cheape

Mahalayoga Teacher Training Testimonial -

A truly amazing journey. Everything I could want from a teacher training course and more.

Mahala's style of teaching was not only encouraging, she empowered me with confidence to discover my own style of teaching and in a way that fitted in with how I am as a learner.

Mahala also provided opportunities to put what I had learnt into practice within either her's or other Mahala Yoga teacher's established classes.

The community support from other Mahala yoga teachers and teachers in training has been amazing and has continued even after completing my training. It's like being part of a family.

I'm thankful to Mahala Yoga for this brilliant start on my yoga path. Thanks Mahala x

Cindy Beckford

All of our students are accepted for insurance cover by both Balens and DSC-Strand insurance brokers - it is important that you read their full terms and conditions that detail exactly how, where and when you will be insured to teach yoga!

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