Summer workshop - MahalaYoga Shop, For Yoga Stuff

Next month the focus will be "Renew" Receive to Replenish...

Working with the following oils combined with yoga poses in this workshop...

Basil - helps to maintain an open mind and increase clarity of thought

Grapefruit - Helps counteract mental exhaustion and frustration

Rosemary - Helps stimulate the immune system, an outages positivity

Myrrh - Helps cleanse the liver, fosters inner stillness and encourages spiritual growth

Zendocrine - Contains oils for healthy organ support, encourages letting go of the non - essentials or anything that sabotages

Frankincense - May help decrease inflammation in the body, helps counteract emotional blockages

When? Saturday 13th May 2017

Where? Studio B 

130 Brixton Hill



Cost? £25

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