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Join Elisabeth this week, as many of you know Elisabeth is one of our first generation MahalaYoga teacher trainers, she will be teaching all of our classes in Clapham and Brixton, I am away on holiday with my lovely mum and dad and my lovely daughter Lucia in Cornwall, showing Lucia where I went to school and where I spent many happy years in my childhood, I lived down in Penzance from the age of 9 to about 14, I love this place (even in the rain) also we're catching up with lots of family here, it's fantastic to re connect after so long, I've been looking outside of myself for these things I already have, and who reminded me about this?, my lovely "other half" Richard reebz Elia, who has reminded me of the simple pleasures in life!  Respecting and honouring our elders on this trip reconnecting with my roots, and it is fantastic!! To simple pleasures in Life!!


Mahala xxx

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