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The Next Fortnightly Meditation - Friday 6th Feb 19.30 / 20.30

4, 17 Mitcham Park, Mitcham CR4 4EN

Cost - £5

Follow this link to Pre - Pay & Book Today - Only 10 places


An Evening of Meditation led by me, Mahala that will help you to integrate some really powerful positive energy into all the areas of your life that could be needing that right now, by doing this you will learn how to eliminate any negative influences either inside or outside of you, in turn you begin to piece together a more balanced enjoyable relaxed inspired sort of experience that you will really start to love, you will begin to thrive rather than just survive.

We are living in a very fast paced turbulent world right now, so now more than ever we need to take the time to focus on the inside and clear up and sort out our internal environment, as our external environment is a reflection of what is going on inside of us as individuals, so the only place that we can start in this seemingly mixed up stressed out world is inside of ourselves, and that my friends is exactly what this evening is designed for, it is a really great place for you to come along to and be with some other lovely people in a really great place to re-set and start again, bringing more joy, laughter, love abundance, connection into all the areas of your life!

Please note - No Meditation Experience Required ;)


 Something else you can do in your spare time to feel good is book a Holistic Massage using your choice of the following oils from Star-child in Glastonbury...

 massage oils


Follow this link to pre - pay today, let me know what oil you would like and what you would like me to work on for you right now...



Or  treat yourself to a Vortex Session, Vortex is a really powerful form of Healing that will get the energy moving through and balance your system, clearing any blockages that are holding you back 


 Follow this link to pre - pay today, and again let me know what you would like me to work on, or we can just see what comes up...


I can come to you (depending on where you are) or you can come to me in Mitcham


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Our Yoga classes will start up again from Saturday 3rd Jan, In each class you will experience Hatha Yoga With Vinyasa Flow, Pilates & Relaxation using gentle Infra Red Heaters ( PleaseNote - This is NOT hot yoga, we use the Infra Red Heaters as a gentle heat) Our classes are suitable for all levels 

Lets make 2015 the best one yet!

Mahala x