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Stromboli yoga retreat with Mahala 

31st May - 7th June 2018

A week of yoga, meditation, relaxation and exploration...

Combining the following doTERRA essential oils into this retreat program

Elevation Blend - promotes feelings of self worth

Grapefruit - Grapefruit teaches true respect and appreciation for ones body, helps to alleviate mental exhaustion

Lemon - oil of focus, the crisp scent improves ability to focus

Bergamot - Encourages balance, strength and confidence

Juniper Berry - Elevates spiritual awareness, supports detoxification of the kidneys and may assist with healthy circulation

Lavender - Calming the psyche and tissues, assists with relaxation

Accommodation -

Casa Flora located at Timpone near St Vincenzo, above the scenic plaza at the center of the town overlooking the sea and Strombolicchio.

The bakery, stores, supermarkets, restaurants and the post office are just 5 minutes away . The sea and the Scarli beach ( the nearest one) can be reached both by the primcipal road and by the small paths covered with flowers,, approximately 400 meters. The villa is composed of three apartments, differing in size, which can be unified for a total sleeping area for 16 people.

The apartments overlook a beautifully panoramic, 200 square meter terrace facing Strombolicchio, the calabrian coastline and the Strait of Messina.

The villa faces east and the terrace (in pure eolian style: covered with "cannnizzi" resting on "pulere" (columns) and surrounded by typical "bisuoli" (chairs), overlooks a beautiful garden of 2000 square meters filled with citrus, palm and olive trees, prickly pear, eucaliptus, ibiscus and grapevines.

It is a perfect place to enjoy the sea breeze, see a spectacular sunrise and savour good food surrounded by the beauty and perfume that nature offers.

The house is light-filled and particularly cool in the summer due to fresh air rising from the deep valley of the torrent ; each apartment is also furnished with screens.

Casa Flora is located in a tranquil and peaceful area and is particularly adapted to families and seminar groups. The furnishings and interior design are clean, well-kept and elegant, in the ethnic mediterranean style

...at Casa Flora, breakfast, two yoga sessions per day, doTERRA essential oills, sound healing, free time to explore and enjoy the island

Stromboli is one of the beautiful Islands of the Aeolian archipelago in Sicily, also known as the Island that smokes because the volcano is still active and offers a natural spectacle to all visitors.

The Sicillians call it Iddu or "Him" in reference to the divine nature that was once attributed to uncontrollable natural phenomena.

There are opportunities to take a guided trekk up to the top of the volcano. Hiking excursion to the top craters of Stromboli 900 mt. above the sea level. Every group is composed up to 20 people. Length 5 hours price 28 € per person. Departure of the hike 3 hours before sunset. The availability is limited and you need to book early, this is an optiona, extra!, one of now many trekking companies on the Island.

The Beaches of Stromboli...

Undoubtedly, the sea is one of the main attractions of the island, if you do not own a boat, do not worry, there are countless places where you can relax on the soft black sand and enjoy the spectacular sea.

Stromboli has great beaches but also small and secluded coves:

As mentioned Stromboli offers exciting excursions to the volcano (IDDU), visits to the folkloristic village of Ginostra, diving and water sports sailing and fishing. There is also a soccer field and beach volley and of course above all the sea! The nearest beach is 10 minutes by foot while the farthest one ( the long beach at Piscità) about 20 minutes, with other beaches and coves between them.


Bring a flashlight for the evening as there are no street lights (resulting in incredibly starry skies!).

Water is a precious resource, especially on islands, it should not be wasted!

As Stromboli has no city sewage system, toilet paper should be used sparingly and not thrown in the wc.

Both in the house and in the garden the use of artificial chemical poisons and insect repellents is discouraged; natural products can be used.

Ammenities at Casa Flora...


- garden

- washing machine

- barbecue

- parking



To book email - info@yogaclapham.com

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