MahalaYoga - 1 Hour, Full-Body Swedish Massage

Swedish massage techniques are different in that they apply deeper pressure than other kind of massages, and they are also known to increase oxygenation of blood and release metabolic waste such as lactic and uric acids from the tissues of the muscles. This particular massage technique is also thought to help improve circulation

1 Hour, Full-Body Swedish Massage

  • £70.00 - Studio, Home and Office Appointments Available

To Book

Simply visit the MahalaYoga Shop Massage Section by clicking or tapping here, select your preferred massage treatment, put it in your basket and complete the check-out process, not forgetting to add any valid discount-codes and make a note of your payment reference, and then give us a call with your payment reference number to hand and we'll get you booked in

Swedish massage can help not only relieve physical stress, but also emotional stress and can have other medical and therapeutic benefits, such as reducing joint pain and stiffness, and it has also been known to help those with osteoarthritis - people who have regular Swedish massage report enjoying enhanced flexibility