MahalaYoga - Ancient Story Magic Tour of Egypt

Ancient Story Magic Tour of Egypt

19th - 29th September 2024

Thursday 19th September - Welcome to this alchemical, life-changing journey through these magical lands.

After collection from Hurghada airport, we go to the hotel, which has beautiful views

over the Marina, where we can introduce ourselves to one another.

  Later, there is the opportunity to go for dinner or drinks at the Marina and a night time stroll around the shops - or just to simply rest.

Friday 20th September - Call for Initiates.

We begin with an opening ceremony and talk about Heka or Magic in Ancient Egypt and how to work with The Neter, the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, to awaken their powerful archetypes within.

First, we meet Hathor, Goddess of Divine Love and wife of Horus. Then we journey to Dendera, the stunning temple dedicated to Hathor, and explore her powerful secret passageways and chambers.

Afterwards, we travel to Luxor to settle into our comfortable apartment then enjoy sunset on the rooftop with stunning views over the Nile.

  Saturday 21st September - Temple of Man. We meet Amun, or the hidden one, the chief God of ancient Thebes and one of the ancient primordial Egyptian deities, who represents the mysteriousness of life.

We travel to Luxor Temple, dedicated to Amun, and experience the powerful energy of this "Temple of Man". We perform a ritual to bring what is hidden into the light.

In the evening we have dinner on the East Bank of the Nile, browse in the Souk, have Coffee and look for our Destiny in the cup.  

Sunday 22nd September - Time for Healing.

After a sunrise ceremony to celebrate Autumn Equinox, we meet Sekhmet, powerful

lioness Goddess of transformation.

We cross the Nile to Karnak Temple, believed to be the spot where creation began, which holds so many powerful points of activation.  

We visit the awesome row of Sekhmets, and have a private meditation in her mysterious chamber, considered to be the last living statue in Egypt, where strong psychic phenomenon often occurs.  

Monday 23rd September - Into The Underworld.

Waiting for us is Anubis, the Jackal-headed God, who is the guardian of the underworld, who accompanies us on our journey into the dark. 

We visit the Valley of the Kings to see the beautiful tombs of the Queens and Pharaohs, designed to assure them Eternal Life.

In the evening we go to the desert to see the sun set, the starts rise, and to share some ancient Sufi Songs.

Tuesday 24th September - Magic and Destiny.

Next, we meet Thoth and Seshat, God and Goddess of writing, magic, and geometry, who help us to understand that we are all magicians and our word is our wand.

We visit Deir el-Medina, with the beautifully-painted Worker’s Tombs and Temple,

featuring wonderful depictions of Ma’at, Goddess of harmony and balance.

What more magical way to end our last day in Luxor, than watching the sunset on a

traditional Feluca boat, whilst sailing along the Nile?

Wednesday 25th September - Light and Shadow.

Today we visit Edfu Temple, dedicated to Hathor's husband, Horus, the falcon-headed God of the Sun.

Then we journey to Aswan, via Kom Ombo temple, uniquely dedicated to both Horus and the crocodiles, mummified as offerings to their divine counterpart.

Thursday 26th September - Death and Rebirth.

Today we connect with Isis, the powerful Goddess of Magic and Transformation, and her beloved husband Osiris, who she brought back from the dead.

We visit the original Island the temple occupied, which vibrates with a powerful Goddess energy, then sail across the water to Philae, he Temple of Isis, to consider what "Heka" or "Magic" we are called to birth into the world.

In the evening we visit the explosion of colour and life that is the Nubian village for dinner and dancing to celebrate our last night in Aswan.

Friday 27th September - The Great Mystery.

In the morning we take a short internal flight to Cairo and settle into our Hotel.

Then we visit the mysterious Sphynx to consider what secrets she holds and visit the Great Pyramids to charge up our visions in the Kings Chamber.

We have a 2 Hour private viewing in both the Kings and Queens chambers inside the Great pyramid, where we will practice Egyptian yoga, Mantras, toning, and deep meditation practices.

In the evening we go into old Cairo for dinner and shopping in Khan El Khalili bazaar to find a treasure or two, get ready to haggle!.

Saturday 28th September - Sealing The Magic.

On our final day we visit Saqqara, this powerful site is the vast necropolis of the ancient Egyptian capital, Memphis, and home to what is believed to be Egypt's oldest Pyramid. Perhaps some past life memories may occur.

Sunday 29th September - Fly Home 


This is not just a tour but a magical journey of healing and transformation...

Every day, Genie will lead a workshop about the Neteru, incorporating writing, meditation and ritual, to invoke their powerful archetypes within. Genie, aka Jacqueline Haigh, is the founder of Ancient Story Magic, which brings together her career in writing with her passion for magic and healing. In Genie’s inspirational workshops, she has catalysed and witnessed the profound breakthroughs that anybody can have when they access the Gods and Goddesses within. Genie has over twenty years’ experience as a writer, performer and story consultant and has trained extensively in self-development andshamanic healing.

Genie’s sessions will be followed by Ancient Egyptian Yoga with Mahala Wall, which helps us to embody these Neteru and their powerful energies.

Mahala has been teaching various styles of yoga for fifteen years. She was the founder of MahalaYoga based in Clapham until 2020, a fully accredited school with the World Yoga Alliance, training yoga teachers. Back in 2011, whilst Mahala was writing her teacher training manual, she researched the connection between yoga and ancient Egypt. Since then, Mahala has been exploring Egyptian yoga, aka “Sema Paut.”

Vincent Kane will be guiding the tours through the temples, tombs and pyramids to share his research about the Ancient Mysteries and offering two fascinating slide show presentations of his work. 

Vincent Kane is an explorer and researcher of patterns and principals interwoven into the rich tapestry of our living universe. Equipped with more than a decade of study and feet on the ground immersion into the eternal landscape of Egypt, Vincent draws from the deep well of arcane wisdom carried down through the ages by initiates, adepts and light-bearers of the sacred mystery traditions. Vince decodes enigmatic symbols and sacred geometry, to explore myth, measure and math. Central to his line of investigation stands the immortal library in stone and sign of the seal - the Great Pyramid of Giza. cool

We are accompanied by our beloved Egyptian guide and friend Hassan Saied, without whom this tour would not be possible. With over a decade working in tourism and specialising in the needs of spiritual travellers, Hassan organises all the logistics of the tour, including exceptional private access in the temples and pyramids, so we can meditate and enjoy our time freely. A dedicated Sufi, Hassan will also guide us into the desert to tell us stories from his mystical tradition and teach us some of his beautiful ancient Sufi songs.

We can’t wait to see you in Egypt and journey together through these magical lands!

For more information or to arrange an exploratory call, please contact

[email protected]

Cost £2222

To include -

  • Accommodation
  • All Temple entrances
  • Mini Bus Transfers
  • Breakfast / Lunch
  • Sacred Geometry Talks with Vincent Kayne
  • Neteru Writing Workshops with Geanie
  • Egyptian Yoga with Mahala
  • 2 Hr Private Viewing in the Kings and Queens Chamber Great Pyramid
Flights are not included.

Dinner is not included, budget around £10 per day for this plus drinks.

Deposit to book £555

Email [email protected] to book.