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  1. Styles Of yOGA!

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    Some Interesting Things to consider on the "Styles of Yoga -

    From Hot Yoga, to Power Yoga, to Vinyasa Flow, there are so many styles to concider, well let me clarify this for you, all physical yoga with the "Asanas" aka "Postures" is called Hatha Yoga, if you break the word "Hatha" down "Ha" means Sun and "Tha" means moon, so basically Hatha Yoga is the union of two polar opposites, to bring balance, balance to the left and the right side of your body, balance to the male and the female side of you, balance between your strength and your flexibility...Vinyasa flow yoga is where you keep moving through the "Asanas" / "Postures"...take a look at the different "Styles" of yoga, the only difference is the name, and you will usually find that the yoga has been names by or after the founder, for example, "Bikram" is names after the guy who put together this brand of yoga, the same goes for Sivananda, as Mahala, all named after the person who put together a sequence of yoga.


    I hope that this clarifies some things for you!

    Mahala x