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  1. I would like to let you know about one of our current yoga teacher trainers Katie Moncaster -


    (This photo was taken on one of our retreats to the healing Greek Island of Amorgos, I love this photo as Katie looks like she is totally open and ready to embrace the world..this she is doing!)

    Katie is an old friend of mine who started training with me at the start of the year to become a yoga teacher, well upon completion of her training on 28th September 2015, she was invited to go and run some healing yoga workshops for this amazing establishment called Idle Women -

    Follow this link to read more on Idle Women and the amazing work they do!


    Click Here Idle Women

    I began putting together a yoga teacher training program 3 years ago now, what I wanted to do was put together the sort of training I was looking for whilst I was training to become a yoga teacher, and so far from what I have seen in the amazing people I have had the complete pleasure of training is way beyond anything I could have imagined!.

    Yoga is my life and I can say it totally enriches and continues to enrich every area of my life, this is what I share with all the people I work with on my yoga teacher training course!

    I hope this inspires you too!


    Mahala x


    (pictured above, from left to right, Aisha, a current fabulous teacher trainee, Gerry, of Gerry Sykes designs, myself, I'm in pink, my daughter Lucia, and my lovely big dog Darcy, who was a puppy in this picture and is loooads bigger now, this was taken on the top of Glastonbury Tor spring 2015 during a powerful day trip to this healing heart centre of the planet, yes thats right Glastonbury Tor is the heart chakra of the planet, if you haven't been there you must!)