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Yoga Teacher Training London

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So we have now hit the half way point of our second generation yoga teacher training course in London, and wow what a course this is!.

It was actually a hard descition for me to make to move the curse away from Clapham and take it into my home in Mitcham, I had so may thoughts such as it would seem un profetional or it wouldnt be taken seriousley to name a few, well how wrong I was...

I didnt listen listen to all of those reasons "why not" and listened to the reasons "why I can" and how glad I am that I did, to begin with when we were starting the course I was still living at my other flat I was renting over in a place called Motspur Park, it was a beautiful garden flat that I shared with my now 4 year old daughter Lucia, we moved in there after I decided to seperate from her father as it was very clear that we were not right for each other, once again a very hard decition to make but once again I knew it was the right one!.

ttc 1


So the teacher training weekend 1 began in my old flat (pictured above, the eve of our first weekend), I knew at some point in the training that I would be moving as I was in the middle of buying a property but wasn't too sure where we would be moving to, really this could be considered another reason "why not" I didn't listen!, so glad that I didn't, we started the course, we had 2 weekends in Motspur Park, my other flat purchase went through, so Mitcham here we come...

Weekend 3 of the teacher training and we are at the new place in Mitcham, that needed some work doing to it, once again this would have been considered another "why not", again I didn't listen...and again so glad that I didn' here we are past the half way point at weekend 6 of our 12 weekend (6 month) 200 hour yoga teacher training course, and how fantastic all of the girls are doing, also we made room for a new recruit in the form of Miss Tara Crabbe, aka Jet setting Tutor who was recently featured in the Evening Standard (pictured below), Tara will also be looking to launch MahalaYoga in New York along with her Theatre Company TheCanting crew...Watch out New York!


tara c


So this last weekend we celebrated by taking a "Field Trip" Yoga Teacher Training weekend trip to the lovely Abbey Mills to Charlies Rock Shop where we all brought some crystals to celebrate reaching the half way point and to help us move through the second half of this amazing journey of training to become a yoga teacher, all of this years teacher trainers are doing amazingly and they truly inspire me to continue doing what I am doing!

Onwards and upwards!
Mahala x

Onwards and upwards!

Mahala x


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