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Rose Quartz In Our Classes

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So after another successful magical inspirational retreat to Glastonbury last weekend I am now feeling inspired and full of positive energy to bring into all of the classes in London ~

on this last retreat I spent some time on Sunday shopping around the crystal shops of Glastonbury with a very knowledgeable crystal healer Jo Leigh Dolphin, I wanted to bring some crystals into the classes and she advised me to bring 6 lovely big chunks of Rose Quartz that we found in the corner of the very last crystal shop we stumbled across, here is the reason why…




“The voice of Rose Quartz says, “You are loved. Things will be all right.” It carries a whisper of the sacred feminine. Its energy feels like a hug or a celebratory dance or the hand of the mother holding up her child until the child can walk on its own. Let rose quartz help you and the love instilled in your heart and your life will take you far in the direction you want to go.” ~ beautiful!

Jo Leigh told me how to “Grid the room” the Rose Quartz Crystals will be placed in the corners of the room bringing this great energy into the class ~ last night was the first class that we all experienced with these beautiful crystals, and wow what two amazing classes they were, by the end everyone was glowing!


Mahala x

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