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  1. This is now my fourth year as a yoga teacher trainer, my inspiration was to put together the kind of course I was looking for, and at that time there didn't seem to be any what I call low key training courses, so I thought I would fill that gap!.

    This has been and continues to be amazing, I have had the complete pleasure and honour to work with so many inspirational people over the past four years, I have seen them blossom in ways I could never have expected or imagined.


    It was my passion that lead me to yoga, that was nearly killed on the very first teacher training course that I attended due to the style of teaching, from here I then went to India to spend some time living in an ashram there, delving into the full yogic lifestyle, this was very powerful and very purifying, the only problem was on my return there seemed to be no integration and I soon found myself tangled up in the western way of living in our heads once again, it wasn't until the last training course I attended that was held in someone's house that I really got it and began to really live it!.

    This was my inspiration behind training people to teach yoga in a very small group from my studio at my home, and this has been and continues to be amazing.

    A massive thank you to all of my teachers on every level, and all of my students past and present, as you continue to inspire me to do the best job I can.

    Namaste Mahala ❤️