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  1. A Warm Hello,

    So many people are asking me about the music I am playing currently in the classes...

    Below is a photo of Anne Malone, an amazing sound healer. Here are a couple of links for you to contact her so that you can buy some of her amazing music;



    Another great artist I have been playing lots of recently is the extremely talented Josh brill ~
    Once again below is a link for you to contact him directly where he can point you in the right direction to buy his beautiful music ~



    One last talented musician we have been practising along to is Katie Rose, once again follow the links below where you can contact her directly to buy some of her fantastic enchanting sounds ~



    To open the links you may need to copy and paste them into your browser ~


    Mahala x


     its in your hands 150 x150

    You have it in your hands…

  2. So today is an extra special day on more levels than one, it is Diwali, festival of light! It is a new moon, a great time for new beginnings and to focus on what you would like to bring into your life.

    Mooji (a great spiritual teacher) has been coming into my thoughts loads over the past few days and one of our teacher trainers Marina just called me to say that she just bumped into him at a car boot sale in Vauxhall, apparently he has just come back from Russia!!


    mooji (1)

    and finally today is the first day of a brand new chapter for the first generation of MahalaYoga teacher trainers, yesterday they sat their final written exam, at my house and today they are all receiving their results ~

    you cant always wait

    I must say WOW! This has been one of the most amazing things that I have been lucky enough to be a part of, all of our students who started this teacher training course way back in April of this year, are still with us here at the end, thank you all once again for your dedication commitment and hard work that you have all shown and it has been so amazing to watch you all grow and blossom into beautiful teachers of yoga~

    I cant wait to see where this next part of the journey is going to takes us!! Have a great day!!

    Thank you Mahala xxx