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  1. Join Elisabeth this week, as many of you know Elisabeth is one of our first generation MahalaYoga teacher trainers, she will be teaching all of our classes in Clapham and Brixton, I am away on holiday with my lovely mum and dad and my lovely daughter Lucia in Cornwall, showing Lucia where I went to school and where I spent many happy years in my childhood, I lived down in Penzance from the age of 9 to about 14, I love this place (even in the rain) also we're catching up with lots of family here, it's fantastic to re connect after so long, I've been looking outside of myself for these things I already have, and who reminded me about this?, my lovely "other half" Richard reebz Elia, who has reminded me of the simple pleasures in life!  Respecting and honouring our elders on this trip reconnecting with my roots, and it is fantastic!! To simple pleasures in Life!!


    Mahala xxx

  2. As many of you know I am currently running our second MahalaYoga Teacher Training course, this one I am running from my home and we are a small group, Im training 4 people how to teach yoga, as I mentioned before in previous Blogs it was a hard decision to run the course from my home, firstly as I could see there was no other courses running like this and secondly it would seem un professional, well I took the plunge and done it, and it turns out that we have actually gone back to the traditional way of teaching yoga, in a relaxed way. 

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    The students are picking things up really quickly and they seem to really be getting a full understanding of the Philosophy and History of yoga, the practical side is fantastic too as they are starting to come along to the Classes in Clapham and Brixton, first of all to observe me teaching the class to see what it feels like to be in the room and not on the mat, from here they are starting to assist me in the classes,  where both myself, the students and the teacher trainers are happy they then start to talk through sections of the class, with the full guidance and assistance from myself the whole way through, if you think about it when someone is training to be a doctor they have to then spend some time out in the field with the guidance of an expert to help them until they are ready to make that transition...that is exactly how our training works here at MahalaYoga, with fantastic results so it seems! If you come along to any of our classes the chances are pretty high that you would have seen how great this is working first hand, not only do the students in the class get extra attention, the student who is training also receives loads of support, and Im getting to work with loads of really great inspirational people!!