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  1. Beatification, this is something I have been thinking about and working very closely with lately, Ill give you an example, when were putting our rubbish out each week, usually I really don't like this job and I really don't like it that much that I would leave it until the very last minute to the point that I would actually be running out with my weekly rubbish and recycling catching the bin men, making this job of "putting out the rubbish" a million times worse, so I have begun to change that around and use this as a meditation and my"mantra" for this meditation is "Beautification" beautifying my home and I am clearing away any thing that is not being used any more, clearing old energy out of my home so there is not only room for new energy there is also space for energy to move around, so now each week as Im "putting the rubbish out" my mantra in my hear is Beautification...and this I bring into as many areas of my life as I can...see where you can be beautifying the areas of your life and you will find it in the most unexpected places and spaces! Mahala x