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  1. I'm discovering and learning more and more as I continue on this path of facilitating yoga teacher training, I am now coming into the 4th year of doing this and the results I am seeing in people are beyond all of my wildest expectations!.

    I first put together a yoga teacher training program as I felt very passionate about the standards of yoga teacher training courses, I put together the type of course I would have been looking for.

    I now hold the training sessions at my home in Mitcham and really work with people either on a one to one basis or in a group no bigger than 5 students.

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    As the training is so small there is plenty or room, time and space to go into all of the details, I work with each student as an individual.

    The teacher training program that I run can also be similar to life coaching, in the way that we cover all aspects the student wishes to.

    I'm now having a break over the summer as my Daughter is on her summer holidays, I'm still talking bookings for trainings that will be due to start in September, but for now this is a deep time for reflection and contemplation, I will be teaching at loads of great festivals over the summer, a great opportunity to get out I to nature and connect.

    You can still go along to our classes in Clapham, Brixton and New Malden and meet some of the students who I have trained, they are now running fabulous classes, that I also enjoy attending as a student.

    I myself will still be teaching some of these classes over the summer.

    I very much look forward to continuing this journey and meeting you as you continue along your journey!.


    Mahala ❤️💓💞💕💖


    Around 4 years ago I decided to put together the sort of yoga teacher training programme I was looking for, I wanted to experience a programme and work with a teacher who could guide me on all the areas for yoga teaching, by that what I mean is I wanted to have experience in the actual class, where I could assist the yoga teacher and learn hands on techniques, also training in a very low key environment, so that is exactly what I did.

    The very first training course that I ran was out of a studio, this was really great and I had the privilege of training 9 amazing people to become yoga teachers, it has been a pure pleasure to see each and every one of these individuals expand and grow from this time on their own journeys.

    For the second training course I decided to take the training to my home, this was a very big decision to make as I wasn't really sure if anyone else was doing this, to me however this totally felt like the right thing to do, so I followed my intuition and did it, it could not have worked out any better, from here the quality the students I am working with are experiencing is beyond anything I could have imagined, I am seeing some really powerful transformation on every level in their lives, at the same time I continue to learn and grow in ways I could never have imagined.

    I continue to run these personalised programmes from my home, not just focusing on teaching yoga but on what ever area the individual would like to work on, be it their business lives, relationships, fertility, personal development, it all ties in to the yoga teacher training, I am feeling very excited at this point to see how this training will evolve as now move onto to this next level!

    Heres to movement and moving forward!


    Much Love


    Mahala x