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  1. Tracey Dunne was on the second yoga teacher training course that I ran, this was the first time that I decided to take the yoga training out of the studio and into my home, it was a really big decision to make as I didn't really know of anyone else doing this, but as in the words of the change, and what does this really mean?, well to me this means that usually we are looking outside of ourselves for something to either make us happy or to fulfil us in someway...we are never going to find it, we tend to complain outwardly about all of the affects these external things are having on us, and blaming this that and the other.... we are never going to get anywhere like that, it's on the inside that we need to look and the inside that we need to start, sounds easy right ;)


    So coming back to Tracey, and my second group of amazing women that summer I had the total pleasure of training, and this the first of many training courses I would run from my home, this was always the traditional way yoga was taught, it was taught via what is called a transitions, verbally, like story telling, out in nature away from the village and every day life, so this method and style of teaching just came to me, it totally made sense and seemed like the right thing to do, above you will see Tracey, well actually her feet and one of her fantastic classes she has been leading, she now teaches from her home, I can't wait to attend one of her classes, she holds them in the winter months inside her beautiful home, where she mixes Dynamic yoga, with some sound healing, during the summer months you can join Tracey on her outside deck over looking fields...

    My point is listen to your inside heart, not the heart in your head but the heart in your body, this will never lie to you, spend some time going inward and really see what is your heart asking of you today!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, listen in :) and enjoy, and trust what your heart is telling you ❤️